Non Fiction

Palatin has several exclusive & non-exclusive relationships to talent with track record.  Palatin Media´s current non-fiction slate includes… 



   Evolution of Driving

Series 10 x 45’

Hosted by Racing Experts Jochen Mass & Martin Utberg,

Featuring Experts, Drivers, Founders, Designers: Walter Röhrl, Doreen Seidl, Adrian Sutil, Horacio Pagani, Peter Varga a.o.


In the 20th century, the automobile became the epitome for the mobility of man and therefore its constant companion. Mobility has become the motor of change. Cars are masterpieces of technology. Unique racing machines, adventure equipment.

Evolution of Driving shows the history, the present, the tradition and the future of the automobile of the most important manufactures of the world.



GreatestPrisonEscapes big


Series 1 Pilot + 12 x 60’  

Billy Hayes as host 

Logline  Billy Hayes` legendary escape from a Turkish prison was the basis for the Oscar-winning movie MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Now, with his unique first hand experience Billy takes us into the world of the Greatest Prison Escapes!  



Collage CCClub

Format Show 6 x  43’ 
Logline     This television series, hosted by Maxi Gstettenbauer shows the funniest video shows, world has ever seen in the world wide web. A panel of comedians views and analyzes the videos, which are divided into categories. In the first part of the show, each panel member selects his/her favorite in each category. The audience chooses a video in each category and decides on the “Fail of the Week” at the end. The panel member who picked the “Fail of the Week” receives the trophy “The Golden Failix”. 


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