In May 2021 - Palatin Media launched CRACTION, a FAST channel plus AVOD-offering which is now pre-installed for free on Samsung TV Plus on all 2016-2021 Smart TV models and is now also available on selected Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The distribution areas include Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Craction targets men age 14 to 54 focusing on feature films and series in the genres of action, crime and true crime in HD. Our premium offering includes feature films with stars such as Bruce Willis, Woody Harrelson, Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nick Nolte, Dolph Lundgren, Pierce Brosnan and more.

Series free TV premieres such as the Emmy-nominated crime series 19-2, the long-awaited seasons 2 - 4 of CONTINUUM, the true crime hit KILLER IN PLAIN SIGHT or the European Screenplay Award-winning series MONSTER from Norway.