Greatest Prison Escapes


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Series    Pilot + 12x1h
Gabriel Horn
hosted by Billy Hayes
Billy Hayes ́legendary escape from a Turkish prison was the basis for the Oscar-winning movie MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Now, with his unique first hand experience Billy takes us into the world of the Greatest Prison Escapes! Through reanactments, we'll experience audacious jail and prison breaks in dramatic form. We'll hear intriguing interviews with the survivors, witnesses, historians, and law enforcement of each event. We'll meet the prisoners. Experience the private hells. The risks, rewards, and failures. We'll probe the effect of each escape and the marks left on the cultures and legal systems of the world, the implications, and the death or glory that sometimes occurs when desperate men and women risk it all, for freedom. One by one, with each dangerous and thrilling step, host Billy Hayes will present to the audience a vivid tour of the Greatest Prison Escapes! 
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