Amazon 3D


Amazon3D big


Brasil 2013

Feature Film   60 Min.
Rohn Johnson
Synopsis: In the Heart of Wild Nature. Join and follow us to the wild jungle of the Amazon. Many of the Amazon rain forest are extremely varied and diverse rightly regarded as the crown jewels of the natural world. There are many animals and plants, for example, more than 40.000 species of plants, 427 species of mammals (including jaguar, ocelot, giant oSer and river dolphins), 1.294 species of birds (including imperial eagles, toucans, macaws and hummingbirds) and more than 3.000 different species of fish to be identified. However, many areas in the rainforest of the Amazon are still almost unexplored. Experience this adventure filmed in Real 3D and be impressed by the sights. This film was made by a REAL 3D method you can play and watch it in 3D and also in FULL HD. 

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