Saving my Pig (Mon Cochon et Moi)

Saving my Pig (Mon Cochon et Moi)


Bulgaria 2017

Feature Film    95 Min.
Comedy, Family 
Frank Dobrin
Gerard Depardieu, Nadejda Stefanova, Dessy Tenekedjieva, Zdravets Zdravechev, Yohan Chopin, Marco Di Stefano and Ivavlo Hristov
In a small Bulgarian village, Vania, a depressed elderly man lives with his close-knit family. One day his granddaughter Elena, who is very fond of her grandfather, encourages the family to buy him a dog. However, due to their dire economic situation they decide to buy him a pig, that way the pig can also be slaughtered later to feed the family. Vania, who agreed to the idea of a dog, becomes very disillusioned when they present him a pig instead. Over time though, the old man and the pig become just like friends and spend a lot of time together. When the time comes to slaughter the pig Vania goes crazy. On the eve of the killing, he conspires with his granddaughter Elena to escape in his old Trabant. He decides to take his four-legged friend and head for Turkey, where pork is not eaten. Thus, begins a journey of surreal encounters, full of interesting and unsophisticated characters but loyal and sympathetic to Vania. Through his journey, the old farmer, who seems abandoned to die, rediscovers the value of friendship, independence, and the struggle for survival. He develops an unexpected ability to organize his life and that of the defenseless piglet. In short, Vania finds a new passion to confront the unknown.


11 April 2022


Comedy, Family